About Us

Welcome to our story and our fun new site!

 Hola, I am Larry, I arrived in Los Barriles BCS in 1978 when it was a
phantom town with only two small hotels, no restaurants, no shops, no markets, nothing!  I fell in love with the people, the fishing and the culture.  I drove my motor-home puling a 24' Skipjack sport fisher with my wife and  2 small children who were 2 and 4 at that time.  We made the same annual trek to this paradise for the next 12 years until 1990 when we could afford to build our own home.  We saw very slow gradual changes all of which were for the better.  The community grew, with nice markets, amazing restaurants, and awesome local medical care.  With this came more ex-pats and 2nd homers.  

Now, Los Barriles has evolved into the "Best of the Best"  Baja Sur has to offer.
With the inception of Home Away and VRBO, the worlds leading vacation rental web sites, there now is an wonderful opportunity to experience Los Barriles lifestyle not as a tourist but as a local.
The first home I built I sold in 2005 but he owners became great friends and asked me to manage their property through VRBO which is very convenient because it is next door to the new Villa I completed in 2006.  In 2014 I bought out my sisters of my fathers estate here and have been remodeling and improving it ever sense.  So the last three years I have been managing these amazing beach front villas through VRBO and I have noticed that our Village has so much more to offer to the visitors who love the beach, the kindness of the local people, the culture and the relaxing atmosphere than ever before! Thus creating an opportunity to enhance that experience.  As host for over 1,200 guests over the last 3 years, I realized how amazing it would be if there was a quality, efficient food delivery service here,  private exclusive adventure tours, and even a concierge to handle all the reservations for the fun activities.

18 months ago, Miss Barriles, a 6 month old pup adopted me as her dad.   We have been really happy together, family ever since . One day she got out onto the beach without me and was gone for hours, so I jumped in my ATV and went looking for her and found her with an amazing woman, Natalia Melendrez, who was the manager of one of the local Kite-boarding schools.  I apologized for the bother and offered to take her home.  She insisted it was no bother and she said she would bring her back after work.  Anytime she went missing, I knew she was safe having fun playing with Natalia.  Soon it became a daily habit.  Natalia would arrive at 9 am and take her to work.  Over time  we became good friends but  nowadays we have a father-daughter realationship.

Hi! I am Natalia,  I was born and raised in the city of La Paz which is about 1 hour and 30 minutes north of Los Barrilles.  I graduated law school from one of the best Ivy league Universities in Mexico.  Even though I was over qualified to work at a kite-boarding school, I jumped at the opportunity to live and work in Los Barriles because the first time I woke to the amazing sunrise over the Sea of Cortez, I knew this Village was for me!
Nevertheless, when I met Miss Barriles we had an immediate connection and fell in love with each other.   Every day I would ask Larry's permission to take Miss Barriles for a walk.  One of those days we started talking about the needs in Los Barriles so the ideas started flowing.  We needed a premium concierge service, so we fused our brilliant minds :) and created "Los Barriles. cool Concierge" and one of a kind "Adventure Tours."

We want to improve the experience that you came to find in Los Barriles,  which is "THE BEST OF THE BEST" IN LA BAJA.

We both hope you enjoy our web site and agree these services are a positive addition to our community.

Saludos y Bienvenidos!

Natalia y Larry