Kite boarding Lessons / Rentals





Kite Curious Lesson 2 Hours

Play with the training kite, learn the set up and get the feel of kiting with the big kite


Private Advanced Lesson 1 hour

Learn a specific skill. You might want to learn to ride toe side, or focus on riding up-wind.
Or learn to ride a surf board. If you more advanced learn kiteloops and unhooked tricks


Private Lesson 8 Hour Course Beginner class

Get Hooked! Get Wet! Get Riding! Start with a trainig kite, then move to practicing on a smasll kite, up to body dragging and water starts


Group Class (two people) 6 hours

Learn with a buddy. Its our two for one deal


Private Wave Runner Lesson 1 Hour

Learn to kite faster with the wave runner spend more time riding less time on land


Private 12 Hour Complete Course

Learn to ride. Then practice riding up-wind and learning to turn maybe learn to jump, or ride a surf board or more.